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Tips to spice up your love life

Enticing the senses and passion.

How to spice up the romantic relationship

Basic rules:

Be a good observant. By observing your partner you can easily reach from start till the end. By observing your partner you will know what to do when. When one step fails, as an impulse action you try the next without giving the impression that you are trying hard. Love should be effortless. It should flow from one to reach the other. One can become a good lover only when you accept the person as they are and then mould yourself to give him/her what he/she wants to get what you want.

If you want to be his NEW MOON:

You can try one or many tips at the same time by placing it in a proper sequence. You can be as creative as possible.

Tips to turn him on:

  • Bite his lip. Find some stupid and cupid reasons to bite his lip like “I could not resist your smile” or “I mistook it for a cherry”. If he is in a playful mood, he will take it from there.
  • Caress your face to his body.
    It would be a usual day for him. But the unexpected caress from you would make him feel special and whoever feels special they become special.
  • Wear a not so revealing cloth but deliberately forget to button it up or if you are planning to go to bed, wear only his T-shirt and blame it on the weather for making it too HOT. Or Wear a dress which shows a little cleavage and deliberately bend in front of him (Not recommended when the sports channel is on)
  • Share an ice-cream with the condition not to waste even a single drop of it. Deliberately drop it on him and savour it until you are full. The ice cream might go wasted but you both would be full.
  • Buy a new pair of hot and sexy lingerie and wear it and ask him for his opinion. He might not tell it in words but definitely he will make you feel how you were looking.
  • Whisper in his ears of something romantic and nibble his earlobes. It will make clear about your intentions.
  • If you are of the artistic type, dancing to a sleazy song or singing a sensuous song would pull his interest in you. Once you get his notice then you can involve him in your action.
  • When he's not expecting it, grab him, and kiss him passionately for a full minute. It will be a real good start for the couple who kiss only hello and goodnight. This will surprise the guy and it will turn him on.
  • Offer him a back rub. When you rub his back, you can deliberately push his turn on buttons by extending the massages to the delicate part.
  • When he leaves for work, whisper in his ear that you can’t wait for him to come home. This will set him in mood by the time he is back to home.
  • You are never too old to play. Initiate a tickle fight or a fun game of keep away, which will bring you closer.
  • When you are getting ready for bed, ask your partner what he would prefer you to sleep in!
  • Offer a morning sex. Men are usually more aroused in the morning.
  • Give him a peep show. Tease him with a personal peep show than simply baring it all. So try coming out in your towels after the bath or deliberately pull the towel so that it falls accidently. He will not be able to take his eyes off you.
  • Ask him to unzip your dress. When he gets the visual, he will likely take you down.
  • Tease him once he is back from office and get busy with your work. He would be eagerly waiting for you to get back to the bedroom.
  • Offer or ask for a back rub. During this, the one who is offering you will get to check out your body while the other one can relax. But don't be surprised when you are rolled over to your back and get pounced.
  • Send him some naughty pics along with sexting.
  • Surprise him by helping him undress when he is back home. You can slowly remove his shirt buttons and while doing graze him and rub him. By the time you unbutton his pants he will be ready to take you down.

If the love interest is from both:

As a matter of fact, if any of you follow the tips in the section A or Section B then ultimately you will fall in the section C as you both would be interested in making each other happy and fall head over heels in love with each other.

Tips to have a spicy relationship:

Watch porn with him. You will definitely not watch it completely but you both would get so excited and would be eager to perform on your own.

  • Play a strip game with your love. Ask questions like “favourite colour” or “favourite food” and for every wrong answer, you have to remove one item of clothing. You can either choose to wear minimal clothing or u can wear too many clothing depending the way you want to tease each other. (Note: It should be considered as a game and not a test for your partner).
  • Have a blind fold sex tonight. You can have combinations like one of you is blindfolded or both. When one of you is blindfolded, you can make it more exciting by using props like ice, butter knife, ice creams, chocolate sauce etc. You can apply the sauces to different part of your body and challenge your blindfolded partner to kiss your body part until he finds the saucy parts.
  • Give an unexpected oral sex for your partner. The magic that the tongue does to you will blow your mind.
  • Call it a massage day on a weekend. Rejuvenate yourself with a massage by your beloved. By the end of the massage both of you would be so aroused to savour each other.
  • Go for a naughty shower sex. Whenever you get a chance, go for a shower together. You can try a shower together before going to bed. If you want to spice up the shower, then you can go for an aromatic candle light shower in the night. If you have a bathtub, ensure you make good use of it. Water sex gives its own amazing feelings.
  • Plan a role play sex say a doctor and a patient or a boss and an employee, a master and a slave.
  • You can play some games where if you make your partner happy you will be rewarded and if you make the partner unhappy then you will be punished. Both of you can sit and decide on the rewards and punishments and keep it in separate boxes, from which you can choose your rewards and punishments. Keep in mind that sometimes punishments are better than rewards. So you can always get naughty.
  • Buy some sex toys that will make the play more interesting and exciting say a nipple clamp, vibratory rings, handcuffs.
  • Try different positions. Have a talk and list out all the different positions that interests both of you and try each a day. By doing this you will be eager to go to bed to try the new positions.
  • Try hotel sex. Everyone will be bored of the same place, same bed. So give yourself a break and go to a resort and spend a night there. The new place will definitely bring new feelings in you.
  • Take things slow. Do what you do in the bedroom but in a slow speed. When you go slow, each sensation will linger to you for longer period of time and both of your orgasms will likely be out of the world.
  • When you are having dinner, reach him with your legs or caress him. It will definitely increase his appetite.
  • Have a quickie. Quickies are always fun because they're so spontaneous, so pick a random place today to get it on. A few of the favourite places are living room, dining table, staircases, sofa.
  • Women on top. While your man is sitting in a chair or on the couch, go for this girl-on-top spot. There are a lot of perks to this sex position: You get to control the speed and tempo because you're on top, he gets a great view of your breasts, and if you lean back a little, there will be even better G-Spot stimulation.
  • Kiss – Lick – Tease – Kiss his lips, lick his nipples and tease the erogenous zone. He will instantly crave for you.
  • Set the mood. Setting the mood always work. Wear some sexy night gown, light some aromatic candles, pull one nice bed spread.
  • Try to give multiple orgasms to each other. Once you are done with your first O , keep touching and caressing each other for some time. This will keep you aroused but help the other parts to chill out before another action.
  • Record your love making. Just the thought that the action is being recorded will turn you on. [Note: Ensure to delete it once the play is over]
  • Be erotically expressive. Compliment your man when he does well. Tell him what all turns you on. He will be happy to hear the compliments and next time he ensures he performs better. He is happy, you are happy.
  • Cook a meal together. You can play and cook and spend a quality time in the kitchen. But for desserts he won’t eat anything but you.
  • Go out for a date with your guy. This keep romances alive.
  • Say Yes to sex. Just stop saying you’re not in the mood. Let your man give you an orgasm. If you keep saying no, you’ll have no spice in your life at all which is no good. The more you say yes to sex, the more sex you will want.
  • Try sex in different places like the living room, the kitchen, the sofa, in the shower, the dining table etc.
  • Spend the day naked. Choose a day and spend the day together-naked. Take shower together, have breakfast naked, snuggle together, have a bottle of wine and enjoy. By the end of the day you would have had sensual sex 3-4 times.
  • Dress up. Start dressing to impress your lover, and see how much more notice he takes. Make a tradition of dressing nicely for dinner once or twice a week. It makes the undressing so much more fun.
  • Surprise each other often. Make a habit of bestowing little gestures of love on each other. You can Leave a love note in his briefcase. Or let him find u naked under the blanket OR let him find you in bed wearing nothing but a sexy pair of lingerie. The more you try, the more creative you will become.
  • Tease each other whenever you get a chance. Flirting is good for health especially when it is with your loved ones. So don’t refrain yourself whenever you get a chance. Flirt with him during the day and yes you can be naughty. You can graze your hand on his penis or run your hand along his ass as you walk by him or squeeze his buns or eat seductively in front of him.
  • Spice it up with vocals. The oohs, aahs and mmms are a great turn on for guys. The partner will get to know what you enjoy or which action of his gives you more enjoyment.
  • Let him dominate you. Men like to have the power and take control. So let him tie your hands with his tie and then let him have you the way he wants. Sometimes getting rough is a great turn on.
  • Try Anal sex. Most of the men would be interested in trying it out but out of fear of offending you, he would not have suggested it. Few couples try it once. But because of the pain or uncomfort caused during the first time they would have wrote it off as a taboo. Like everything, the more you try the more is the chance of success. So if any of you is interested in doing it, initiate the conversation with your partner and follow the pre-requisites say cleaning the colon using enema, applying a lot of lubricants and taking it slow.
  • Have sex with the lights on. Men get turned on when they see how happy they make their partner. They love it when they see you quiver and shudder with pleasure. Show him how much you love sex and how much you want it from him.

Tips for getting rid of the oral sex hitch

I don’t know how the name it got blow job. May be because it blows your mind. If you don’t like doing oral sex, then you are missing out a lot of pleasure. Most of the men love blowjob. Every man wishes if their wife or lover could give mind blowing blow jobs. So if you are a woman and want to please your man, then you can try these things.

  • Take a shower together. So you can clean up the whole area thoroughly. Now the hygiene part is taken care of. Take him in your mouth and whenever u get the pre-cum in your mouth you can always spit it out wash your mouth and again take him. As you do it you will realise that along with your man even you are enjoying. You simply can’t ignore the moans you can hear from your man. The more you hear the more you enjoy. You will feel like sex goddess.

[Note: Trying in the bathroom has its benefits as you can clean, wash, spit whenever u want which otherwise you can’t do it in the bedroom.]

  • You can try some variants in doing this by keeping some hot/cold water in your mouth and then taking him inside your mouth. The tingling sensation given by the tongue combined with the water will make him want more and more of you. You can keep changing the water from cold - hot to heighten his joy.

Once you see how your man behaves after giving a wonderful blow job, you would be ready to take him anywhere and everywhere you could get him. You would start enjoying the pre-cum and you would start loving his smell and everything about him.